Friday, 31 October 2014

High Speed / Olympic Lifting Workshop for SSF & LTAD Students

Students in LTAD & SSF classes this year can sign-up for our upcoming High Speed / Olympic Lifting Workshop that is taking place during class on November 17th and 19th.

High speed lifting is one of the very best ways to train and improve the system our bodies use and rely on regularly to produce force rapidly. This pertains to maximal and sub-maximal sprinting, jumping, and any other explosive movement.

Students who sign up for the workshop will be introduced to safe and functional high-speed lifting techniques so that they can proceed with confidence when integrating these new exercises into their strength and conditioning routines.

To sign up for one of the sessions, students in LTAD and SSF sections must pre-register by completing a short registration form click here to complete the form.

The maximum number of participants permitted in each workshop is 20 students. So sign up early to ensure your space.

Note: This is an introductory workshop. If you are already a well-seasoned weight lifter with experience in high-speed lifting, you may not be interested in taking part. However, the Plyometrics Centre will be unavailable to any students that are not enrolled in the workshop on the scheduled dates.