Friday, 27 January 2017

Program Design Template for SSF / LTAD

Greetings SSF and LTAD students!

This post is just for you!

The link below will provide you with access to the generic 3-day program design template for your SSF and LTAD strength and conditioning programs.

Remember: You do not have to use this template if you would prefer to use your own.

Using the information we discussed in our seminar on deliberate practice and program design, you should be able to create a 3-day strength and conditioning program that is both unique and purposeful to your role as an athlete.

Your program should be designed with consideration to:

1. Exercises that are sport-specific;
2. periodization / the current stage of the training year (off-season, pre-season, etc.)
3. specific fitness goals that you have and areas that best-serve your potential improvement.

Here is a link to the template if you are interested in using it.