Monday, 25 January 2016

A Simple YTP Template

Students in HPA, SSF, and LTAD are currently reviewing and learning about the important role of a yearly training plan (YTP) in coaching and training. A YTP is a tool used in the long-term planning process for athletes who require an integrated approach to balancing and monitoring sport-specific training loads with strength and conditioning, and other commitments throughout the year while paying special consideration to key dates and time periods in the calendar.

Those of you who are taking on the challenge of integrating your fitness class activity with your yearly training plan for the rest of the semester can download this simple version of a YTP template to help you.

Note: Please remember that students must be logged in to their YRDSB Google Apps (GAPPS) account to view / download this file. 

The template will allow you to budget and map out the relationship between your weekly fitness training totals and sport-specific skills training totals along with average intensity levels. Volume and intensity considerations for each microcycle should align with your fitness training goals for the specific macro-cycle in your training plan. You should also us the template to designate fitness assessment weeks and specific tests for those weeks.

If you would like to brush-up on periodization theory before getting started, you can review the Smarter Athletes presentation on periodization concepts by clicking here.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Template for Monitoring Elective Fitness Tests

Students in LTAD and SSF courses can download and use this simple template for monitoring their elective fitness testing results.

The template allows for up to six tests (up to two from each category) to be recorded for submission and has a built-in visual component for demonstrating trends / progress. Students will only need to change the names of their elected tests and the results. When naming a test, use the following naming method:

for example:

Students only need to change the names of tests and enter data in the columns from their three rounds of testing.

This template is accompanied by a visual that will automatically adjust to the new values you've entered in the tracking chart above.

This simple visual model used to illustrate trends in testing/assessment will update automatically.

Students that have developed their own tracking sheet can feel free to continue using it instead of this one as long as testing and results are being tracked effectively.

To view a PDF of the elective fitness testing presentation, click here.