Monday, 27 August 2018

Program Design Principles Presentation -- Senior Fitness

Last week, senior fitness classes sat down to go through program design principles...

I've included a PDF version of the presentation slides here in case anyone is interested in reviewing some of the material we went over.

Download the PDF of the Program Design Principles presentation here.

Those of you who are well into the initial stages of building and designing your own training programs for this semester, don't forget that help is available. Once you've put together a framework of what you're hoping to accomplish, let's get together and fine tune any uncertainties.

Many of you mentioned that you'd also like to use the four-day "template" that I typically use for designing strength programming micro-cycles.

So I've included it below in a PDF form format, so you can type in your own exercises and metrics. Remember, you do not have to use this template... it is just a nicely organized table for demonstrating your knowledge of exercise selection and order, along with set, repetition, load, and inter-set rest metrics.

Download the PDF version of the blank programming template here.

Remember, you must be logged into your GAPPS account to access these files.

Happy training,


Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Google Calendar Creation & Sharing for LTAD Students

Happy Tuesday LTAD Students of BCSS...

This morning we did a small workshop on course expectations, priorities, and initial planning.

If you'd like to download the presentation, use one of the links below...

Powerpoint Download (Mac or PC)

Keynote Download (Mac)

If you'd just like to watch the instructional video on how to set up and share your google calendar for the purpose of planning and managing your workouts in our course this year, you can watch it on YouTube using the link below:

Watch the video on YouTube

Thanks, and happy training!